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3 Port Polarization Insensitive circulator 1310,1550nm
RC80 Mini Size Isolator
Faraday Mirror (1064,1310,1550nm)
Red, Green, Blue Combiner
High Temperature Single Mode Standard Coupler
1xN PLC Splitter
1x2(2x2)single mode standard coupler
Fiber Patchcord
High Power Collimated Expanded Free Space Beam Output Isolator
Tap Isolator hybrid device
1x2 CWDM device
PM Isolator(1310, 1480, 1550nm)
Singlemode Manual VOA (1064,1310,1550,1310/1550)
RC80 3-Port Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator
PM Isolator(1064nm)
Fiber Mirror Reflector
Fiber Adapter(FC,SC,LC,ST,MU)
1x2(2x2)single mode wide band coupler
High Power In Line Optical Isolator(1030,1040,1064nm,1-20W)
Tap Isolator WDM hybrid
RC80 Mini Size Single Mode Standard Coupler
CWDM module(4ch,8ch,16ch)
2xN PLC Splitter
Multimode Manual VOA(850,1310)
100G 40CH Athermal AWG DWDM Module (AAWG)
1064nm High Power In Line Optical Isolator 2W
Hybrid Adapter
1x2(2x2)single mode dual window coupler
2x1(1x1,2x2) MEMS Optical switch
Electrical Variable Optical Attenuator
Mini Size CWDM Module(4ch,8ch)
Isolator WDM Hybrid device
High Power non-PM fiber or PM isolator (500mW)
PM isolator(980nm)
RC80 Mini Size Wide Band coupler
High Isolation Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM)
100Ghz DWDM device
50GHz DWDM Filter
1xN MEMS switch
High Power 100GHz Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM) Module
High power PM fiber In Line Isolator(1310,1550nm 1-20W)
Isolator GFF hybrid
Bare Fiber Adapter
100Ghz DWDM Module(4ch,8ch,16ch,32ch,40ch)
PM isolator(850nm)
RC80 Mini Size WDM Coupler(980/1550nm)
1x2(2x2)single mode three window coupler
RC80 Faraday Mirror
1x4 MEMS Optical Switch
3 Port PMF Full Circulating Optical Circulator
1x2(2x2)Ultra broadband dual window coupler
3 Port Mini Size Polarization Insensitive circulator
1064nm MEMS VOA
200Ghz DWDM device
980nm 3 Ports Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator
780nm 3 Port Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator
3 Port High Power PM Circulator (1550nm)
3 Port PM Circulator (1064,1310,1550nm)
Plug Type Fixed Optical attenuator
1x8 MEMS Optical Switch
1x2(2x2)All band Coupler (1260-1620nm)
200Ghz DWDM Module(4ch,8ch,16ch)
High Power 1x2 Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter
Tap PD Monitor
4 Port PM Circulator (1064,1310,1550nm)
High Power PM Circulator(1064nm)
RC80 PM Fiber Optical Isolator
PMF Tap-PD Monitor
1x2(2x2)Ultra-Low Splitting Ratio Coupler
(2+1)x1 Multimode Pump combiner
3 Port Polarization Insensitive PM Fiber Circulator
DWDM Optical Add/Drop module
Special Wavelength Coupler (532,633,780,850,980,1064nm)
1x2 Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter (980,1064,1310,1450,1480,1550)
RC80 PM Fiber Optical Circulator
InGaAs PIN Pigtail Photodiode
2x2 Polarization Beam Combiner Splitter (1064,1310, 1480,1550)
High Power 1x2 Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter
1x16 MEMS Optical Switch
1x3 Monolithic Single mode coupler
(6+1)x1 Multimode Pump combiner
RC80 PM Fiber Filter Coupler
CWDM Optical Add/Drop Module
1x2(2x2) Special Wavelength MEMS switch 488,633,780,830,980,1064
Isolator + PBC/PBS Hybrid (1064,1310,1450,1480,1550)
3 Port Filter WDM (980/1064,1480/1550,980/1550,1550/1064,1064/1030nm)
N x 1 Multimode fiber combiner
1x4 Monolithic single mode coupler
1x5 Monolithic single mode coupler
1x1, 1x2 Optical Switch
Cladding Power Stripper
High Power Polarization Insensitive or Dependent Isolator-2000nm (2μm)
4 Port Polarization Insensitive circulator 1310,1550
1x2(2x2) Fused PM Coupler (780,850,980,1064,1310,1550)
Polarization Insensitive Circulator-780, 830, 850nm
Polarization Insensitive Isolator (1310,1480,1550,1590nm)
FBG for Sensor
3x3 Monolithic single mode coupler
4x4 Monolithic single mode coupler
High power PM collimator(1064nm,1-20W)
1310/1550nm High Isolation Filter WDM
3 Port Broadband Filter WDM(1310/1550,1510/1550,1450/1550,1640/1620)
1x2(2x2) All Band Polarization Insensitive Fused PM Fiber Coupler
1x4 Monolithic Fused PM Fiber Coupler
1310/1550nm WDM & 1310/1550nm High Isolation WDM coupler
3x3 Fused PM Fiber Polarization Insensitive Coupler
1x2(2x2) High Power Fused PM Fiber Standard Coupler-1~20W
1x3 Fused PM Fiber Standard Coupler
Ultra-Low Splitting Ratio PM Fused Coupler
1x4 Mini Size Optical switch
1x2(2x2) Filter PM Coupler (1064,1310,1550nm)
1x2 PON Filter WDM(1310/1490/1550,1310/1550/1625nm)
1x2(2x2)Polarization Insensitive Fused PM Coupler(980,1064,1310,1550nm)
High Power Single Mode collimator(1064,1310,1550nm,1-20W)
1x3 80μm RC Fused PM Fiber Standard Coupler
1x4,1x8 PM Filter Coupler Module(1064,1310,1550nm)
1x4, 1x8 PM Fused Coupler
1x2(2x2) High Power Fused PM Fiber Standard Coupler-1~20W
High power SMF Coupler
Polarization Insensitive Circulator-980nm
1x3 PON Filter WDM
1480/1550nm WDM Coupler
PM Fiber PLC Splitter
PMF Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer Module (CWDM)
Multimode Pump Laser Protector
C/L Band Filter WDM
Filter PM WDM (980/1550, 980/1064,1550/1064,1064/1030,1480/1550nm)
980/1550nm WDM Coupler
High Power PM 1480/1550nm Fused WDM Coupler
1020~1120T 980R PM WDM Partial Mirror Hybrid for Pulse Power
1064nm bandpass filter
780nm 3 Port Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator
Singlemode Pump Laser Protector
Fused PM WDM Coupler (980/1550,1064/1550,980/1064nm)
980/1030,980/1060nm WDM coupler
1x2(2x2) 80μm Fused PM Fiber Coupler
Wavelength Division Multiplexer Coupler-650/1550nm, 650/1310nm
Wavelength Division Multiplexer Coupler-532/1064nm, 635/1064nm
1x2 PM Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer (PMCWDM)
1310 and 1550 dual window Polarization Insensitive circulator
PM DWDM device(100Ghz, 200Ghz)
1064/1310nm WDM Coupler
Mode Field Adapter
GFF Filter
Raman Pump Combiner
PM Fixed Optical Attenuator(PMFOA)
1x2(2x2)Multimode fiber Coupler
PM bandpass filter (1064nm)
1x2 Multimode Filter WDM (850/1310nm)
PMF Tap-PD Monitor
Mini size singlemode standard coupler
PM VOA (1064,1310,1550nm)
PM Tap+Isolator+WDM Hybrid (980/1064nm)
1x2 Multimode Filter Coupler
Mini Size Wide band Coupler
2x2 Bypass Optical Switch
PM Tap Isolator(1310, 1550nm)
PM Isolator WDM Hybrid(1480/1550,980/1550nm)
In-Line Faraday Rotator (1310/1480/1550/1064)
Mini size Dual window coupler
2000nm Faraday Mirror
Polarization Insensitive circulator 1064nm
1064nm Band Pass Filter with Isolation Hybrid
3-Paddle Fiber Polarization Controller
Dual 2x2 Bypass Optical Switch
Polarization Insensitive Isolator (C+L,S+C+L)
PM Tap Isolator WDM Hybrid(1480/1550,980/1550nm)
Mini size WDM Coupler(1310/1550,980/1550nm)
In Line Polarizer(980,1064,1310,1550nm)
Mini size Multimode Fiber coupler
In-line Depolarizer
Tree and Star Wide band Coupler module
PM Collimator(1064,1310,1550nm)
PM Fiber Mirror Reflector
PM Faraday Mirror(1064, 1310, 1550, 2000nm)
Tree and Star Dual Window Coupler Module
PM Patchcord
Tree and Star Three Window Coupler Module
Polarization Maintaining Optical Fiber Mirror-2000nm
1x3 80μm RC Fused PM Fiber Standard Coupler
Tree Multimode Fiber module
PM Pigtail
3-Port Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator-1940/2000nm(1.94μm/2μm)
Fiber Launch Cable
C Band Triple Stage Polarization Insensitive Isolator
850/1310nm High Power Multimode Filter WDM (FWDM)
1x1, 1x2 PM Fiber Optical Switch
50G 96CH Athermal AWG DWDM Module (AAWG)
Multimode Fiber Optical Circulator
Twin Polarization Insensitive Isolator
2000/1550nm Filter WDM
Band Pass Filter 1950 with 6nm Pass
Polarization Maintaining Isolator-1940/2000nm (1.94/2μm)
2x2 (1x2), 1x4 MEMS PM Fiber Switch
2000nm Polarization Maintaining Tap Isolator Hybrid
1x2(2x2) Polarization Insensitive PM Fused Coupler-1940~2100nm
Fiber Protection Sleeves
Fiber Mirror Reflector-Adaptor Type
Full Circulating Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator
2000nm 1x2(2x2) PM Filter Coupler
2000/1550nm Polarization Maintaining Filter WDM
3 Port Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator-1940/2000nm(1.94μm/2μm)
High Power 3 Port Optical Circulator-2μm
Triple Stage Polarization Insensitive Isolator-1550nm
High Power 3 Port Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator-2μm, F type
1xN Multi-Channel Optical Switch
Polarization Insensitive Isolator(1064nm)
Fiber Collimator (850,980,1064,1310,1550nm)
2000nm In Line Polarizer
1xN MEMS Switch, Coaxial Design Bare Component
Polarization Insensitive Isolator(980nm)
2000nm Polarization Maintaining Fiber Patchcord
2000nm Single Mode Fiber Patchcord
1x1, 1x2 PM Fiber Optical Switch
In line Fixed Optical Attenuator
3-Port Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator-1.94μm / 2μm
Polarization Insensitive Isolator(850nm)
Mini Size Isolator(1310,1550nm)
2000nm Single Mode Fiber Collimator
2000nm Single Mode Standard Fused Coupler
Super Mini Size Polarization Insensitive Isolator
1x2 Fused WDM Coupler-980&2000nm
1x2 Polarization Beam Combiner /Splitter(PBS/PBC)-80μm PMF
FC Bare Fiber Adapter
Multimode fiber Isolator(1310,1550nm)
High Power Fused WDM Coupler-2000/793nm, 2000/1550nm
Isolator core
1x2 Fused WDM Coupler-1960&1600nm
1x2 Fused WDM-1940&1570nm
Wavelength Division Multiplexer Coupler (WDMC)-2000nm
2x2 (1x2), 1x4 MEMS PM Fiber Switch
Free Space isolator
2000nm 1x2 PM Fused WDM
High Power In Line Input-Free Space Output Isolator-2μm
In Line Fixed Optical Attenuator (FOA)-2000nm
2x2 Optical Mechanical Switch
2x2 Bypass Mechanical Fiber Switch
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