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High Power Polarization Insensitive/Dependent Isolator-2300nm (2.3μm)
2000nm 10W High Power In Line Optical Isolator
2000nm 50W High Power In Line Optical Isolator
2000nm Faraday Mirror
Polarization Maintaining Optical Fiber Mirror-2000nm
3-Port Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator-1940/2000nm(1.94μm/2μm)
Band Pass Filter 1973 with 1nm Pass
Band Pass Filter 1971 with 2nm Pass
Band Pass Filter 1950 with 6nm Pass
Polarization Maintaining Isolator-1940/2000nm (1.94/2μm)
2000nm Polarization Maintaining Tap Isolator Hybrid
PM Fiber Tap/Isolator/WDM Hybrid (TIWDM) 1570/1940nm
Tap/Isolator/WDM Hybrid Device (TIWDM) 1570/1940nm
1x2(2x2) Polarization Insensitive PM Fused Coupler-1940~2100nm
1x3 Fused Fiber Coupler-2μm
2000nm 1x2(2x2) PM Filter Coupler
Filter WDM 1500~1970nm Reflection / 1980~2200nm Pass
Filter WDM 1500~2020nm Reflection / 2035~2200nm Pass
Filter WDM 1500~2080nm Reflection / 2090~2200nm Pass
Filter WDM 2000nm Pass/1550nm Reflection
3 Port Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator-1940/2000nm(1.94μm/2μm)
High Power 3 Port Optical Circulator-2μm
High Power 3 Port Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator-2μm, F type
2000nm In Line Polarizer
2000nm Polarization Maintaining Fiber Patchcord
2000nm Single Mode Fiber Patchcord
2000nm Single Mode Fiber Collimator
2000nm Single Mode Standard Fused Coupler
1x2 Fused WDM Coupler-980&2000nm
High Power Fused WDM Coupler-2000/793nm, 2000/1550nm
1x2 Fused WDM Coupler-1960&1600nm
1x2 Fused WDM-1940&1570nm
Wavelength Division Multiplexer Coupler (WDMC)-2000nm
2000nm 1x2 PM Fused WDM
High Power In Line Input-Free Space Output Isolator-2μm
High Power Free Space Isolator-Polarization Sensitive - 2μm
In Line Fixed Optical Attenuator (FOA)-2000nm
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