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Optical fiber connector of classification(3)
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MU-type connector
Optical fiber connector of classification
MU (Miniature unit Coupling) connector is currently the most used SC connectors based, developed by NTT developed the world's smallest single-core optical fiber connector. The connectors are 1.25mm diameter casing and self-holding mechanism advantage lies in its ability to achieve high-density mounting. Use of MU l.25mm diameter casing, NTT has developed a MU connector family. They have jack connector for cable connection (MU-A series); self-holding mechanism having a backplane connector (MU-B series) for connecting LD / PD module of the simplified plug socket (MU-SR series) Wait. With the wide application of fiber-optic network to the larger direction of greater bandwidth and the rapid development of DWDM technology, the demand for MU-type connector will also grow rapidly.

MC connector
2012 domestic telecommunications company developed a smaller volume than the LC connector, a higher density of MC connectors. MC Sea Day fiber optic connector is a high-density single-core optical fiber connectors for a variety of high-density applications, such as large-capacity and high-density data center room center. MC high density fiber optic connectors, in the same space can reach twice the LC connector, called the world's smallest, highest density of a connector.

Fiber optic connectors can also refer to FICON - FIber Connector and G5 servers with the launch of the IBM mainframe channel. It Fibre Channel standards, will increase ESCON half duplex 17MB / s transfer rate to a full-duplex 100MB / s. Each FICON channel can support up to 4000 times per second I / O operations, the equivalent of eight ESCON channels.


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