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Optical fiber connector of classification(2)
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Biconical connector

Optical fiber connector of classification
Such an optical fiber connector is the most representative products developed by the US Bell Labs, which consists of two ends by precision press-molding the frustoconical cylindrical plug and a plastic sleeve with internal double cone tube coupling assembly of components. DIN47256 fiber optic connector This is a connector developed in Germany. Such connectors are pin and coupling sleeve structure size and FC type the same end treatment using PC polishing method. Compared with FC connector, its structure is more complicated, the internal metal structure controlled pressure spring, can be avoided due to excessive pressure and damage to the connector end face. In addition, this high precision mechanical connectors, so a smaller loss value involved.

MT-RJ connectors

Optical fiber connector of classification
It started in the MT-RJ connector MT NTT developed with the LAN RJ-45 type electrical connector identical latch mechanism via the guide sleeve mounted on the small side of the pin to align the fibers, to facilitate the optical transceiver machine is connected to a dual-core fiber optic connector end faces (interval 0.75mm) arranged design is the next generation of high-density fiber optic connectors used primarily for data transmission.

LC connector

Optical fiber connector of classification
LC connector is the study of the Institute of famous Bell (Bell) developed, made using easy to operate modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism. Pin and sleeve size it is used in ordinary SC, FC, etc. half the size, is 1.25mm. This can increase the fiber distribution frame in the optical fiber connector density. Currently, in terms of single-mode SFF, LC connector types actually have occupied a dominant position in the multi-mode application areas are also growing rapidly.


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