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Common types of optical passive devices and principle - WDM
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  In an optical fiber communication system simultaneously transmit optical signals of different wavelengths received several WDM do, using WDM technology, as long as the sending and receiving ends a slight increase multiplexer, demultiplexer device, would have the greatest amplitude increase transmission capacity of a fiber, increase economic efficiency. For fiber optic cable has been laid, using WDM technology, but also multi-channel transmission, serve to reduce costs and expand the capacity of action. Wavelength division multiplexer to play in the light path multiplexer and demultiplexer of action, it is the collection of different wavelengths of light signal (multiplexed) to an optical fiber transmission to the receiving end, again by the re-transmitted by optical fiber optical signal re-separation (demultiplexer) out. According to the principles of different spectroscopic, WDM mirror type can be divided into branches, interference and diffraction grating type three models currently on the market most of the diffraction grating. The main index of the wavelength division multiplexer insertion loss, crosstalk loss wavelength interval and reuse large ones and so on. Insertion loss is the result of the use of wavelength division multiplexer and optical power loss caused, usually around 1-5dB. Crosstalk loss indicates the degree of wavelength division multiplexer separating each wavelength. Crosstalk attenuation bigger the better, should be greater than 20dB.


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