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Common types of optical passive devices and principle - Optical switch
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  Optical switch is an optical path control device, optical switching plays a role in various optical fiber transmission network and switching systems, computer control can be realized spectral exchange achieved between the respective terminals, distribution of information between the terminal and the central and exchange of intelligence; in an ordinary optical transmission system can be used to switch the main and backup optical paths can also be used for optical fiber, optical devices testing and optical fiber sensing network, the optical fiber transmission systems, measuring instruments or sensing system is reliable easy to use.

  In CATV optical networks, cable systems to ensure uninterrupted work, shall be equipped with a backup optical transmitter, when the optical transmitter is operating failure, the use of the optical switch can be in a very short time (less than 1ms) will backup optical transmitter access system to ensure proper operation.

  According to its working principle, the optical switch can be divided into mechanical and non-mechanical two categories. Mechanical Optical Switch by moving the optical fiber or optical element so that the light path is changed, the current optical switch market generally is mechanical, the advantage of low insertion loss, generally less than 1.5dB; high isolation, generally greater than 45dB, and without polarization wavelength of. Non-mechanical optical switch is to rely on the electro-optic effect, magneto-optic effect, acousto-optic effect, and thermo-optic effect to change the refractive index of the waveguide, the light path is changed, which is a new technology, the advantages of this type of switch are: switching time is short, small, easy or light integrated optoelectronic integrated; the downside is the insertion loss, low isolation.


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