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Common types of optical passive devices and principle - Optical attenuator performance
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Optical attenuator performance.
① the amount of attenuation and insertion loss.
Insertion loss and the attenuation amount of the optical attenuator is an important indicator of the amount of attenuation of the optical attenuator indicator to actually insertion loss, and attenuation amount of the variable attenuator addition, there are separate indicators insertion loss, high quality can be variable attenuator insertion loss 1.0dB or less, in general, common variable attenuator of the index is less than 2.5dB can be used. When the actual selection adjustable attenuator insertion loss as low as possible. But this is bound to involve prices.

② optical attenuator accuracy.
Attenuation accuracy is an important indicator of the optical attenuator. Typically mechanical type variable optical attenuator for attenuation accuracy of ± 0.1 times that amount. Its size depends on the degree of processing of precision mechanical components. High attenuation accuracy fixed optical attenuator. Typically the higher the attenuation accuracy, the higher the price.

③ return loss.
An important indicator of the impact of system performance in an optical device parameters return loss. The retroreflective optical network system effects are well known. Optical attenuator Return loss is the light energy incident on the optical attenuator and the attenuator light energy incident along the road reflecting ratio. High-performance optical attenuator return loss 45dB or more. In fact due process and other aspects of the actual return loss attenuator there is a gap from the theoretical value, in order to reduce overall Buzhi Yu line return loss, high return loss attenuator must be used in the appropriate line, but also requires an optical attenuator It has a wider temperature range and spectral range.

Optical attenuator range of applications.
Fixed optical attenuator is mainly used in the optical path of the light energy of a fixed amount of attenuation, excellent temperature characteristics. In the debugging system, commonly used in analog signal via the corresponding optical fiber attenuation period after the relay station or reduce the surplus of optical power to prevent optical receiver saturation; also it is used for calibration of the optical test equipment calibration. For different line interface, you can use different fixed attenuator; if the interface is a pigtail type available pigtail type optical attenuator is welded to the light path between the optical fiber lengths; if there is in the system debugging process connector interface, or with converter type converter-type fixed attenuator more convenient. In practical applications often require attenuation amount may vary depending on user needs to change the optical attenuator. So variable attenuator wider range of applications. For example, due to the design margin of EDFA, CATV optical system and the actual system margin of optical power is not exactly the same as in the system BER assessment, to prevent receiver saturation, you must insert a variable optical attenuator in the system, in addition fiber optics (such as power meter or OTDR) measurement in the scaling will also use a variable attenuator. Demand from the market point of view, on the one hand the optical attenuator is toward miniaturization, serialization, low price direction. Partly because of the general type optical attenuator has been quite mature, high-performance optical attenuator is toward the direction of development, such as intelligent optical attenuator, high return loss optical attenuator and the like.


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