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Optical splitter popular technical indicator
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Optical splitter popular technical indicator
(1) insertion loss.
The insertion loss of the optical splitter means with respect to each output I enter the number of dB optical loss, the mathematical expression is: Ai = -10lg Pouti / Pin, where Ai refers to the insertion loss of the i-th output port; Pouti is the i-th output ports of optical power; Pin is the input optical power value.
(2) additional loss.
Additional optical power loss is defined as the sum of all output ports with the input optical power loss in dB. It is worth mentioning that for the fiber coupler, additional losses are reflected device manufacturing process quality indicators that reflect the inherent loss device fabrication process, this loss as small as possible, is to produce the quality of the merits of the assessment indicators. The insertion loss is only that the output power status of each output port, not only has the inherent loss factor, but considering the effect of splitting ratio. Between the different fiber coupler, the insertion loss difference does not reflect the quality of the merits of the device fabrication.

(3) splitting ratio.
Splitting ratio is defined as the ratio of the output power of the optical splitter output ports in system applications, splitting ratio is determined based on the actual system optical node optical power required for the number to determine the appropriate split ratio (excluding evenly distributed) , optical splitter splitting ratio and the wavelength of the light transmission related, such as an optical splitter in the transmission of light when two outputs 1.31 micron spectral ratio of 50:50; 1.5μm in the transmission of light, then turns 70 : 30 (the reason this happens is because the optical splitter has a certain amount of bandwidth that the spectral bandwidth of the optical signal transmitted ratio substantially unchanged). Therefore, when the optical splitter made sure to indicate the wavelength.
(4) isolation.
Isolation refers to a light path optical splitter to other optical path of the optical signal isolation. In the above indicators, the isolation is more important significance for the optical splitter, in practical system applications often need to reach more than 40dB isolation device, otherwise it will affect the performance of the entire system.
Further optical splitter stability is also an important indicator, the so-called stability refers to external temperature changes, work status changes in other devices, optical splitter splitting ratio and other performance indicators should be essentially unchanged, in fact, the stability of the optical splitter depends entirely on the manufacturer's level of technology, different manufacturers, the quality gap is quite big. In practice, I also met a lot of really poor quality of the optical splitter, not only performance deteriorated quickly, and the failure rate is very high, as an important device for optical fiber trunk, at the time of purchase must pay attention, not just look price, low level of technology of optical splitter price is certainly low.


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