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Common types of optical passive devices and principle - Patchcord and optical adapter(2)
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(2) return loss.
Return loss, also known as return loss, refers to an optical fiber connection, after the reflected light with respect to the number of decibels the ratio of the input light, and its expression is RL = -10loy Pr / PO dB, which PO- input optical power, Pr - retroreflective optical power. Reflection loss bigger the better, in order to reduce the reflection of light on the light source and the system. Ways to improve the return loss of only one plug end face is about to be processed into a spherical or spherical oblique. Contacts the spherical surface, the gap between the core close to "0", to "physical contact", so that the end clearance and the insertion loss caused by multiple reflections can be eliminated from the surface so as to reduce the reflection Everbright. Oblique spherical contact in addition to achieve physical contact fiber end face, it also can be bypassed weak backward light, making it difficult to enter the original core, oblique spherical contact can achieve more than 60dB return loss, even up to 70dB. In front of the definition of the type of plug has been described here is not much to say. In the CATV system are chosen type APC connector end surface reflection loss of such a joint system requirements can be achieved, of course, a bad APC linker processing than the PC-joint reflection loss is even lower is possible.

(3) reproducibility.
Repeatability is the same for after plug in only one converter, plug several times, the range of variation of the insertion loss, expressed in dB. Mating cycles generally take five times, first find the average of five data, and then calculate the relative change in the average range. Stable connection performance repeatability shall be less than ± 0.1dB. Repeatability and life are different, the former is plug in a limited number of times, the insertion loss variation range; the latter refers to plug certain number of times, the device will not be able to make good.

(4) compatibility.
Interchangeability means, after or between the plug converter with an arbitrary replacement, insertion loss range. Better able to explain this indicator connector performance consistency. Better quality connector interchangeability should be controlled within ± 0.15dB.
Repeatability and interchangeability assessment connector design and processing technology is reasonable or not, but also show connectors practical important symbol. Good quality jumpers and switches, repeatability and interchangeability is qualified, even with the use of products from different manufacturers; poor quality products even in the same factory product is very poor. Not to mention the case of mixed-use products from different manufacturers.

3, the use of active connections
Activities connectors typically used in the following location:

① Optical to the optical fiber jumpers between patching using box;

② use in the optical wiring inside the flange to the Optical jumper and pigtail cable leads connected to the communication;

③ various optical tester generally light jumper head is fixed at one end and the other end connected to the test point on the test port;

④ internal use optical pigtail flange connected to elicit the introduction of an optical signal;

⑤ optical transmitter inside the laser output end by flange fiber pigtail connected to the system backbone;

⑥ optical splitter input and output pigtail flange of active connections.


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