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Welcome Students from Shenzhen University to Visit and Study in Our Company
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  Welcome Students from Shenzhen University to Visit and Study in Our Company
  In the afternoon of November 14 1016, Opneti Communications Co. welcomes a special group of guests —— about 20 students representatives from communications major of Shenzhen University for a half day visit and study.

  In the afternoon at 14: 30, the students’ delegation from Shenzhen University arrives at the company under our sincere welcome. Try to make students understand the major use, establish the major confirmation sense sooner and confirm the major development outlook. Mr. Peng Tao, General Manager in the company explained the relevant communications professional knowledge and industrial development and current situation for the students in details, having students form initial realization on the major by professional introduction.

  Subsequently, Mr. Peng and corporate technician guided to show around the company factory, and then explain students some questions about the production process. Students put forward to ask positively during the visit process and the technician answered those questions patiently, making students combine the theories learnt at school with the practice and form a profound realization.

  Finally at the symposium, Mr. Peng accepted students’ questions and answered. Questions students asked were focused more on the study difficulty and future employment outlook. Mr. Peng expressed: Opneti Communications Co. significantly welcomes youth who work hard to join and glad to supply a platform for students’ internship by supporting youth to realize the dreams!

  This visit and study activity though short is full of meaning. Truth comes from the practice. Students came to Opneti Communications Co. for a field trip with professional answer to the questions really conducting their future study and career plan. Opneti Communications Co. continues to cooperate with universities and colleges to insert more new blood and energy for the company development consecutively.




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